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Bringing Vehicle into Abu Dhabi

Manufacture-installed tinted windows of 30% (visual) or less is allowed to be brought in and subject to inspection before vehicle registration.

Vehicles 10 years old or older often do not pass the required vehicle testing. For this reason, it is not advisable to import vehicle of such age into the UAE.

The UAE considers pick-up trucks to be commercial vehicles (for use on farms or for construction or transport companies), not family vehicles. For this reason, the traffic department will not register pick-up trucks to expatriate employees. If you choose to bring a pick-up truck in the UAE, you will not be able to drive it.

Vehicle registrations are valid one year. Personally owned vehicles (POV) must be inspected and registered by local authorities. POV's must pass a safety inspection by the Traffic Department. This consists of a check of safety features, e.g. ensuring that headlights, brakes, brake lights and turn signals are in operating order. Careful attention is also given to the appearance of the body of the vehicle, which will be scrutinised for rust, dents and scratches; it is advisable to complete all painting and repairs prior to shipping. Although these repairs can be made in the UAE, the employee will be required to obtain a permit from the Abu Dhabi traffic police headquarters to enable a local repair shop to accept a vehicle for body work or painting.

Local third-party liability insurance is required for all vehicles before they can be registered. This coverage can be purchased inexpensively locally. Many expatriate employees also purchase comprehensive coverage locally, though recent price rises and difficulty with local companies make policies offered by Western firms an attractive option. If purchasing insurance through a Western firm, make sure that the coverage extends to neighbouring nations as well. Otherwise, separate riders must be purchased locally to provide coverage outside the UAE.




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