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Cost of Living in Abud Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s most expensive places to live. However, according to the Economist and Mercer, Abu Dhabi is more affordable than most expatriate destinations. The Economist placed Abu Dhabi as 82nd most expensive city in the world, while Mercer placed Abu Dhabi at 30th.

It is likely however that the cost of living in Abu Dhabi is sure to increase even more over the coming years, the most likely factor being the high cost of accommodation. Rent, on its own, will account for at least 50% of your cost of living in Abu Dhabi, so be prepared. Make sure your Abu Dhabi employment package is lucrative enough before moving here.



Furnished 2 bedroom house : AED 20,000

Unfurnished 2 bedroom house : AED 15,000

Furnished 2 bedroom apartment : AED 10,000

Unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment : AED 8,000

Room in shared apartment : AED 2,000

Food & Drink

Milk (1 lt) : AED 5

Cheese : AED 25

Eggs (a dozen) : AED 8

Bread : AED 4

Rice (per kg) : AED 6

White sugar (per kg) : AED 4

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