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Utilities in Abu Dhabi

Electricity & Water

A well managed system to provide essential services to residents of Abu Dhabi is provided by the government and run by Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Department (ADWEA). The service is excellent, and power cuts and water stoppages are rare.

There is a deposit of AED 2,000 for villas and AED 1,000 for apartments, when you register. If the property has been leased through your company, they may arrange the deposits and/or settle the bills for you. Water and electricity deposits, as well as monthly bills, can be paid at any ADWEA office or through various banks. Those offering this service are listed on the reverse side of the bill. Bills are based on assessments one month, and meter readings the next month. ADWEA charge a standard rate per unit, currently 20 fils a unit for electricity, 3 fils per unit for water and 0.5 fils per unit for sewerage.

Your electricity bill will fluctuate quite significantly depending on the time of year, as the bill is higher in the summer when the air conditioning is on around the clock, and if you have a garden, the sprinklers will need to be on more frequently during the hotter months.

The electricity supply in Abu Dhabi is 220/240 volts, 50 Hz AC, and the socket type is identical to the three-point British system but most appliances here are sold with two-pin plugs. However, adaptors can be purchased at any grocery or hardware store.

The tap water is desalinated sea water so it is safe to drink but not always pleasant, residents and visitors generally drink locally bottled mineral water, which is widely available. Bottled water is usually served in hotels and restaurants.

There are water suppliers who deliver the 20 litre mineral water bottles to your home which can be mounted onto a water dispenser for cold and hot water. Do check on the seal before you take delivery of the bottle, for it is not uncommon to have unscrupulous dealers filling it up with tap water.


There is no main gas supply in Abu Dhabi. Some newer apartment buildings supply gas for cooking from central storage tanks situated on the roof or underground. Each building has the name and contact number of the supplier stated in the entry lobby. For residents of older buildings and those living in villas, there is the option of buying individual gas canisters for cooking. These can be connected to a gas oven by the gas supplier, and generally cost AED 250 to purchase the new canister from most local corner shops. Each fill refill costs around AED 75, depending on the size of the canister. If you live away from the centre of town, you can hear the gas delivery van’s bell ringing in the morning and afternoon, as it goes on its rounds.

Gas Suppliers

Al Ruwais Industrial Gases
Tel: (2) 555-9295

Zubair Gas Distribution
Tel: (2) 679-2205




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