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Abu Dhabi Economy

GDP (purchasing power parity):
$63.67 billion (2004 est.)

GDP - real growth rate:
5.7% (2004 est.)

GDP - per capita:
purchasing power parity - $25,200 (2004 est.)

GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 4%
industry: 58.5%
services: 37.5% (2002 est.)

Labor force:
2.36 million
note: 73.9% of the population in the 15-64 age group is non-national (2004 est.)

Labor force - by occupation:
agriculture 7%, industry 15%, services 78% (2000 est.)

Unemployment rate:
2.4% (2001)

Population below poverty line:

Household income or consumption by percentage share:
lowest 10%: NA
highest 10%: NA

Inflation rate (consumer prices):
3.2% (2004 est.)

Investment (gross fixed):
20.8% of GDP (2004 est.)

revenues: $23.68 billion
expenditures: $25.45 billion, including capital expenditures of $3.4 billion (2004 est.)

Public debt:
17.6% of GDP (2004 est.)

Agriculture - products:
dates, vegetables, watermelons; poultry, eggs, dairy products; fish

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